Dear brothers and sisters,
In light of the latest orders (March 12 at 8 p.m.) of the Ministry of Health, to close schools in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, we are canceling the Shabbat church meetings and the weekly activities until further notice.

It is possible that in the coming days the government will issue additional guidelines and restrictions to maintain public health. Please follow the announcements on the media and obey the orders.

We again recommend that every family make sure that there is enough food and essentials in their home for a week or two.

At such a time we ask every family and every one to dedicate time to pray and read the Bible.

The church leadership will be available and in communication with the congregation's members.

In case of an emergency or need, please contact us.

Our Address:  Yad Harutzim street number 4, 5th floor (Talpiot area), Jerusalem.

Main Service - Saturday 10:30 (A.M)
Bible Study - Tuesday 19:00 (P.M)
Other meetings- Contact us for more details.


We are thankful to the Lord for blessing us with a full house each week. However, this makes advance coordination absolutely essential:

If you intend to bring a group, you must let us know ahead of time and have our approval before you come.

All groups attending will be seated in our overflow room, and when possible, translation will be provided.

We have a maximum capacity of seating 50 people only, once we have reached our capacity we are no longer able to host any more than 50 at one time.

Please use the contact form\Email below. Specify number of participants, nation and date of intended service.



Wir danken dem Herrn für ein volles Haus an jedem Wochenende. Dies macht jedoch die Voranmeldung für Besuchergruppen absolut notwendig.

Wenn Sie eine Gruppe zum Gottesdienst bringen möchten, melden Sie dies bitte frühzeitig an und stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie per email unser Einverständnis erhalten.

Besuchergruppen verfolgen den Gottesdienst am Bildschirm in unserem Ausweichsaal, und wenn möglich gibt es eine Übersetzung.

Wenn die Sitzplatz-Kapazität von insgesamt 50 in unserem Ausweichsaal erreicht ist, können wir leider keine weiteren Besucher aufnehmen.     

Auf dem Kontaktformular, unten auf dieser Seite, geben Sie bitte die Zahl der Teilnehmer und das geplante Besuchsdatum an.


Our Email :

Visiting Groups - Please check our Calendar below for availability :

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