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Our heart’s desire is to fulfill the mission of the church, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Romans 10:17 says:

"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." We obey God's command by doing the following.

Gospel Tracts

In an effort to reach out to the city, we send out a team each week to various neighborhoods in Jerusalem to distribute literature with the gospel message that we have produced. Tract distribution is a non-confrontational opportunity of reaching out to the lost. It also provides non-Hebrew speakers an opportunity to participate in evangelism in Israel.


This is a comprehensive Hebrew language website that offers Hebrew speakers an opportunity to study the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, in the convenience and privacy of their own computer.

While we firmly believe that the believer should be in fellowship at a local congregation, we understand that in Israel not everyone has that opportunity either due to location or family pressures. We provide resources for those who don't have access to a congregation as well as those searching the Scriptures for the truth. In recent years various Israeli congregations have begun using the Yeshua website as a tool for evangelism and discipleship.

We offer free audio and text lessons, which can be downloaded on our site. Other resources such as books and educational videos will be mailed upon request. We also provide Hebrew Messianic music by Israeli artists which is available through Yeshua radio, an online Messianic radion station.

Hebrew Language Evangelistic Bible Study

One night per week, we host an evangelistic Bible study that provides a non-threatening environment for those who want to know more about faith in Yeshua, to ask questions or clarify their understanding of faith in Yeshua.

Media Campaign

We have been involved in different evangelism campaigns that have included local and national full-page newspaper advertisements, ads on electronic and static billboards, radio spots and banner ads on the sides of buses around the country.

Personal One-on-One Evangelism

We believe that the best form of evangelism is when a believer shares his faith with his fellow workers, neighbors, friends and family members. Therefore, we aim to strengthen our members' personal faith, encourage them to live according to it and be able to teach from the Scriptures.


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