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Jerusalem Assembly as a ministry we’ve been utilizing media to share the Gospel in Israel for more than a decade. We used media to advertise our message, reach out to people, make the public aware of our various websites, and introduce Israelis to the Word of God. We accomplish these things through electronic billboards, Internet banners, newspapers, radio bulletin boards, and on advertisements place on the side of buses. These methods of Gospel outreach have been very effective.

Sadly, the medium we had been using most recently has been closing to us rapidly and becoming too expensive. However, a couple of years ago we branched out into utilizing YouTube and have been very successful. One of the reasons YouTube is so effective for us is that Israelis are the biggest YouTube users in the world, averaging an astounding twelve hours a week per individual on the site.

Our present project are sharing the message of Isaiah 53, encouraging Israeli to read and order the New Testament and draw people attention to our evangelist Hebrew web site Yeshua.co.il. We are receiving 10,000 of viewers to our media campaigns and over 120,000 visitors per year to our Yeshua web site.

Our Yeshua website offers great materials on Jesus and the Bible, questions and answers, audio studies, written lessons, and various videos for sharing the Gospel. It is a place to discover the salvation of God through the Messiah, to study the word of God, it is a place for the distribution of The New Testament and other great Biblical books on the Bible.

We want to show the Jewish people of Israel and the world that the New Testament coincides beautifully with the Torah and they should read it for themselves and discover what is says.

We are strongly investing in media because it is the most effective means of sharing the Gospel in our electronic generation. We are always looking to improve our websites and sharpen our message presentation. We focus on biblical truths when we build our sites, site that are dedicated to teaching Jewish people about the New Testament and Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of Israel.

Messiah Israel. We are very excited about another project we are currently working on. Messiah Israel is a web site featuring several series of great teaching. The first topic is called, “Why do we need a Messiah?” We answer this question with a three minute video. We explain about the original sin in the Garden of Eden and how all of humanity has been effected by it. We address the problem of sin-how it separates us from God – and the solution to the human race’s sin problem. The only solution, of course, is the Messiah. These teaching video will all be in Hebrew designed and geared to share the Good News of the Messiah of Israel to the Jewish people in Israel and the world.

Aside from YouTube, we’ve also created an online radio station called Yeshua Radio where people can listen to messianic praise and worship music, Bible verses, and short sermons. This resource has proven very effective.

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