Meno and Anat Kalisher

April 2017


Dear Friends, Shalom.

Last Saturday, shortly after the church service, our church youth group drove to their Passover camp location in the Jordan Park on the east side of the Sea of Galilee. Like every time, the camp looks like a military camp. All the tents are in a straight line. The kitchen and meeting hall look perfect. Everyone who walks near our camp cannot believe it's just a youth camp, but that is also part of our Christ-like testimony.

The camp teaching topic was "The Miracles of Christ." The group visited a good number of locations where our Lord performed signs and miracles. The Word of God was read and explained. The purpose of each event was to teach, so the kids could better understand that Jesus is God, the promised Messiah Redeemer and the message of salvation. Besides the lessons, the group enjoyed varieties of games, walking trips and great fellowship. My part was minimal. I joined the camp only on Monday, due to other commitments, for one lesson and making the BBQ. Though they enjoyed all the activities, one thing is more enjoyable and satisfying: One of the girls decided to follow Christ Jesus. We praise God's name for His goodness and grace for us. In each camp, the seeds of salvation are sown. We pray that ALL our kids, of all ages will be saved. I praise God for the dedicated and godly men and women who are ministering in our church.

More in this report:

-         Home groups

-         Evangelism: Passover campaign

-         Anti-believers’ efforts to stop evangelism

-         Our daughter Michal is serving the Lord in Amsterdam, Holland

-         Helping the needy

-         New books on the way

-         YUVAL

-         The ministry in South Sudan and Uganda


Home groups

By God's grace, the ten home groups are still alive and kicking. We meet for prayer and encouragement from the Word of God. In such an environment, we get to know one another more personally. The purpose of the program is:

  1. To allow more people in our assembly (church) the ability to join a weekly prayer meeting. Since the home groups are in the neighborhoods and are close to the people's homes, more can join and fellowship.
  2. As the church grows, more people desire to serve and minister. Having the new home groups creates more ministry opportunities.
  3. The home groups allow better personal care for each individual and family in the church.

As happy and blessed as we are, we also understand that as we progress in doing God's will, the opposition will surely come. We are praying and seeking God's wisdom in order to do all well and for the glory of God. We know that with the ability to minister, God provides the power to withstand all resistance (2 Cor. 4:1, 16). We desire to equip the saints for ministry. It’s a command from our Lord and it is our desire (Eph. 4:13).

Evangelism: Passover campaign

As in every year, during this coming Passover we will launch an evangelism campaign. God willing it will run for three weeks. In previous times, more than a quarter of a million people watched the video clips. We also offer free books.

Three weeks ago, a religious woman came to our Tuesday evening Bible study. She said that during the last three years, she and her children have studied about Jesus through the Internet lessons. It is not the first time, and I am sure not the last time, we will hear these words. The woman and her children visited our kids’ after-school activities and are planning to fellowship regularly. God is at work. God is always at work. Praise His name.

Anti-believers’ efforts to stop evangelism and church ministry

As mentioned in the last report, we needed to change our website server in order to guarantee a better firewall after the hacking of our website. Since then, it's working well.

During the last month, the anti-believers group put their stickers on the entrance to our building elevator, stairways, building walls, and on everything they could. The wording of their sticker is: "If you feel intimidated or threatened by these Jews who believe in Jesus, call us…" 

Thank God, all the people who are coming to our church do so out of free will, and directed by God's spirit. We pray for the salvation of Israel.

Our daughter Michal is serving the Lord in Amsterdam, Holland

In February, our daughter Michal left for Amsterdam, Holland. Michal serves in a youth hostel where she and others like her are able to share the gospel with non-believers. Israelis who regularly attend this hostel can speak and study about Jesus – in Hebrew, with Israeli volunteers like Michal.

We are in touch with her. Any time she needs an answer she texts us. Thank God, most of the answers can be found on our website. Please continue to pray for Michal.

Helping the needy

As reported many times before, there is much satisfaction in helping those in need. A new couple just joined our church. They are from Belarus, and in their early 50's. Both are mature believers and were blessed tools in their church prior to immigrating to Israel. Their daughter is already fellowshipping in our church. Starting fresh at such an age in a new country, studying a new language, looking for a job…is not an easy task. As a church, we try to make it easier on them. So, providing a new oven or other needed items is simply a joy.

I pray to see how both of them will be active members in the local body of Christ in Israel. Thank you to all who have helped us for so many years to help the needy.

New books on the way

We plan to teach "All the Parables of Christ" during the Tuesday evening Bible study. All the lessons are written and by the end of the program, we plan to publish it as a new book.

In addition, we are continuing work on: "The Feasts of the Lord." We pray that by the end of 2019, both books will be printed.


Jael and Irit are planning to produce a new hymns CD. It contains 15 old hymns that we, the older believers, know. The project is to introduce the best old Christian hymns into the hearts of the young generation and with it back into the church. Please prayerfully consider collaborating in this project.

During the last three months, a new project started: youth are gathered once a month for an evening of praise and worship (with youth leaders and other mature believers). They are learning to be part of a worship team in their churches. Our youth group with their leaders (Anat and I included) attended the last event. It was simply a blessing. I thank our Lord for the new and young generation of believers. I pray that they will grow to become pillars in many churches.

As Yuval grows, Jael and Irit are praying that God will provide an administrator for Yuval. Their gift is in music production, singing and teaching, but administration captures all their time. Please pray for wisdom and for the right person to fulfil the task.  Please continue to pray for Yael and Irit.

The ministry in South Sudan and Uganda

Atom, who is pastoring a church in the north of South Sudan, started a 3-year Bible school program in his village. People from the village and the surrounding area join together on Saturday for a full day of Bible studying. During a period of three years, he hopes to go over the Bible with the students. His request from us is prayers and food for the students.

Adio and her daughters (Rachel and Sarah) are still in the boarding school in Uganda. We sponsor them as much as we can so they may be away from the war zone and study as normal kids. They have not seen their father, Majuk, for more than two years. Please pray for his safety in Juba.

Yumah, another former Sudanese refugee who was in our church for some years, is also at that school. She is now 16 years old and doing well. We miss these kids. God willing, I hope that during 2017 someone from our church will fly to Uganda to hug them.

Please pray for their safety.


With much love and gratitude. (Psalm 116:10-19).

Meno and Anat Kalisher


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