Jerusalem October 15th 2018

Dear Friends, Shalom.

As a pastor, I am involved in most of the things that are happening in the church. One of the topics I am deeply involved in is marriage crises. Lately, and I have no doubt it is a tough spiritual attack, a few of the families in the church are going through a sever marriage crisis. Yes, I do believe that God can heal and restore peace, but the process sometimes feels as if it includes a "short visit to hell". I thank God that most of the crises are settled and both parties humble themselves before the Lord. It is the most sever ones that involve unfaithfulness that usually end up in divorce and church discipline. These are the topics that leave a deep scar in our hearts and has the power to temporary steal our peace. I know that every pastor experiences issues like that, but I am also sure, that all of us beg for prayers to overcome the difficulties. So, please pray for the families who go through such attacks, but also for us, the church leadership for wisdom and faith. Such events remind me to thank God each day, and in each prayer, for peace in our families. Blessed marriage should not be taken for granted.

More in this report:

  • Helping the needy
  • Evangelism during the feast of Tabernacles.
  • After School activities for all ages at the church
  • The New Church Planting
  • Speaking engagements and study travel + Meeting with Arab pastors.  
  • The new generation of teachers in our church
  • Yuval


Helping the needy

As some of you remember, one of our missionaries is Thomas Wango (Atom) in South Sudan. A month ago, he called and shared with us about the famine that goes on the Northern part of South Sudan, where he lives. The drought killed all the produce, and the prices of food went high. Atom asked help to feed the 200 people in the village where he serve as a pastor. We sent $3000 to purchase food, and we pray that by God's grace rain will come soon. We know that it's not enough, but that’s what we could do on the spot. Please join us in prayer for Atom, his family of 3 kids and wife, and the people in the village.

By God's grace, we continue to help needy families in our church with food voucher cards. We have a list of families in the church who are struggling economically. Some other ways to help is also to pay the utility bills and the after school activities and enrichment programs for the kids.

Each needy family has their specific needs. We try to fit the help to the specific need, to make sure the need is met. It is very encouraging to see the same families go forward to put their tithings in the offering box. We pray that people will be able to see our faith at work as well – in loving them.

Evangelism during the feast of Tabernacles.

Our church believes in Evangelism. We do believe that salvation will come through believing the news of the gospel (Romans 10:14-17). Therefore, we always think about ways to share the gospel in public. We make Christ Jesus known by teaching the gospel to our children. They share it with their friends. We encourage all people in the church to never be ashamed of the gospel. Teams of people weekly go to the neighborhoods of our city to give gospel tracts (which we produce). Another way is through the Media. During the feast of Tabernacle we launched an evangelism project in the Internet. 500,000 people viewed at least 30 seconds of the 3 minutes long video gospel clip. We thank God for the open door for evangelism, and pray that we will be able to do more.

After School activities for all ages at the church

As years before, we continue with the weekly after school activities for the church kids.

We have three age groups of kids and one for the young adults.

The week starts with the Young Youth group (grade 6-8), Monday is for the youth group (grades 9-12), Tuesday is for the kids group (grades 1-5), and Thursday evening for the young adults (ages 18-35).

The church workers are all busy with the above list besides all the other assignments. Each meeting includes a hot meal.

Though the administration part is high and demands a lot, the activities are critically important for the spiritual growth and welfare of our church kids. The church becomes their second home. They form most of their friendships with believers instead of with non-believers. The influence is positive and the kids are in a good relationship with the church ministers.

We thank God for His grace upon us. Substantial part of our ministry is due to your involvement and partnership.

We thank you.

Preparations to plant a new church.

As shared before, we are currently enjoying a full house. Each Saturday morning, the main church hall is full, and the overflow is directed to the Fellowship Hall. We prayerfully prepared a core group to start a church in a place where God is leading us.

One of the requirements, in order to send others, is the need for new people to take on new responsibilities. I praise God for some young men in our church who are stepping up to start teaching in the main weekly bible studies and the main services on Saturday. It is so sweet to see the fruit of the many years of investment. God is so good. God is the King!

The need to purchase a place for the new church

We are walking ahead with the plan. We met with a few property owners, but found out that telling the truth was not their strong side… We continue to search for a suitable place and trust our God to lead us to the one He has for us.

Since such information is sensitive, I cannot at this stage share all the details in a public ministry report. I can be more specific in a  person to person talk.

The reason we need to purchase a place rather than renting, is because the moment we present ourselves as believers in Jesus, most are afraid to do business with us, due to a business boycott by religious groups.

We continue to prepare the core group and establish them as a home group. We earnestly pray for wisdom in order to do each step in God's timing and direction.

Please prayerfully consider supporting us in this plan.

Speaking engagements and study travel + meeting with Arab pastors

By God's grace, I started to write the D. Min. dissertation. The project will include writing and preaching ten special sermons (Messianic Prophecies) in our church during Nov 2018 to January 2019. The end is estimated by January 2020. Please remember me in your prayers.

As in each October and November, I am scheduled to teach in Brazil (Anat is joining me J), Denmark and Word of Life College in Hungary. I know its tight, but God's grace will be sufficient.

Please pray for wisdom and power to stay fresh and enthusiastic.

The Arab-Israeli Christian unity meeting was held in Germany in the beginning of July. As explained in former ministry reports, a few Israeli Arab and Jewish believers (I am one of them), met in Germany a year ago in order to strengthen the unity amongst our churches. We all need to understand that both groups entered to this project while holding different views about God's plan for Israel. We pray that through the meetings, we will be able to build more friendship, that will allow us to study the issues we disagree on. Meanwhile, our churches need to learn to pray one for another and to learn how to improve our mutual relationship.

By God's grace, a public statement is prepared in four languages (German, English, Arabic and Hebrew) and may be published in the near future. The bottom line is to increase our unity in ministry, evangelism, helping one another and fellowship. People must see a genuine peace and love amongst God's saved children.

Please continue to pray for us.

The New Generation of teachers in our church

In the last years, some of our young adults who are also working in full time ministry, gained more experience in teaching. I heard them teach in the camps, and my heart was full of joy. Now, that some of us are helping other ministries (teaching at the Israel College of the Bible, ICB), and are ready to plant a new church, we need their help.

Daniel and Elly continue this year with their academic studies. The Israel College of the Bible initiated a new program that will give the fourth year students a better degree – Bible and Education (credited by a local Israeli university). So, Daniel and Elly are committed to extended their studies another year (five all together).

Please keep praying for them.


Yael (our older daughter), Irit Iffert and Sasha Atlas are the managing team for Yuval, Christian school for music and arts. Our church is heavily involved with "Yuval". Kids from all evangelical churches in Jerusalem are registered for the music and arts classes at Yuval. Many of the kids have both parents working, so their houses are still empty during the after school hours. So, instead of these kids getting involved with bad company, YUVAL offers them music and arts classes. All the teachers are believers. The kids can hang out in the school area, and are kept from problems. Some just pop up into the offices and pour their hearts. So, the teachers not only teach music and arts…

In comparison to other schools the prices are cheaper, but still many of the families cannot afford the classes. That’s where we get in and try to help.

You can visit YUVAL website

Please continue to pray for Yael and Irit. Their support is totally depended on donations.

With much love and gratitude, (Psalm 23)

Meno and Anat Kalisher

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