Jerusalem, May 12th2020

Dear Friends, Shalom!

By God’s grace and truly only by His grace, we are back to normal (almost) after the powerful wave of the Covid19. All the church workers are working from the church offices, but we still do not have any meetings in the church building. Large meetings may be allowed only from mid-June if we will not experience a second wave of the Covid19.

The Covid19 forced all of us to change our daily routine and mode of operation from personal meetings and hugs, to social distancing and Zoom meetings.

I will share with you in short, the main church ministries during the isolation months (March-May).

Main Church Activities during the Covid19 quarantine time:

When the world understood that the CoronaVirus is a pandemic, the Israeli authorities started to warn us of the danger of the virus and encouraged us to take some measures.

At that time our church leadership ordered a supply of emergency food and locked the cash of the church to emergency use only.

Two weeks after, Israel, like many other countries ordered their citizens to stay at home and all non-vital working places were shut down.

Many of our church people found themselves on an enforced non-paid vacation or simply fired.

Rotem our church secretary moved to live in the church during the quarantine period in order to make sure that we will be able to distribute the emergency food to the needy families. Since it was permitted to leave home to buy food, the needy families arrived at the church and received pre-paid voucher cards for the grocery store. Each family received a sum that is relative to their family size.  Allotments ranged from $50 to $270.

Since some of our church people are at a low economical level, as we call it, 'living from the hand to the mouth', we called each and every one of them to check how they are doing and to ask what their needs are.

One of them is B. a single mother. The local grocery store allows her to buy food and she pays at the end of the month. Since she lost her income and already has a debt in the grocery store, she was desperately in need. We called the owner of the grocery and wired to his account $700. Part covered the debt and the rest was for her credit to buy food. We will make sure that B. will not be hungry or without a roof over her head.

A few other families said that paying their utility bills will be the most needed help. So, they sent a photo of their bills and the church paid it online.

Another God-ordained situation happened during that time.

A Chinese believer received a gift of $1200 from her sister in order to give to our church. I drove to the nearby neighborhood to collect the money. As I was in my car wiping each bill with Alcojel against any possible virus :), one of the foreign students in our church was walking in front of me. I called him and asked: What are you doing? He answered:‘I am going to the supermarket to buy food with the rest of my cash.’ I gave him $150 to make sure that he will not stay without cash in the next few days.

Every day we (the church leadership) are calling the church people and ask again: Are you in an immediate need? If yes, by God's grace we solve the problem.

Church meetings during the Covid19 pandemic.

Like in the rest of the world, we too could not meet in the church building. We formed a church group in WhatsApp and broadcasted all our church lessons through Zoom and YouTube. Almost each day we shared devotions and encouraged the people to trust the Lord and keep their Christian testimony especially in such a time.

On Saturday mornings, at 10:30 like usual, we have our church service on YouTube. It includes the singing, praying and studying from the Word, all in Hebrew and English.

After the service, we send another link to the church group and then we are all in the Zoom meeting for fellowship and seeing one another “face to face”. During the zoom meeting we announce again and again: If any family or individual is in a need, please call us immediately after the meeting. And people do!

As a pastor, I will not be able to sleep knowing that any person in our church is in a dire situation and has no help.

Evangelism during Covid19 quarantine period.

Evangelism has no season. Each day and all times are good for evangelism. Therefore, besides the personal testimony of sharing the gospel with others and showing God’s love, our church continued to use the Internet for spreading the gospel. We are paying google to popup our evangelism video clips and our church website to those who search for “God”, “Jesus”, “Church” and more key words. During the Covid19 quarantine period, more then 300,000 people watched our evangelism video clips.

We pray that many of these people will end up believers as well.

Hard times do cause some people to check their heart, repent and call Christ Jesus for salvation. Though, according to Revelation 8-9, during the hard times of the tribulation, many people will continue to curse God rather than repent and humble themselves before Christ. So, we will continue to obey God and share the gospel of salvation, praying for people to get saved and God by His grace will change the people’s hearts.

Update on the New Church plant

The construction site was not shut down during the Covid19 quarantine, since all the Chinese workers where checked and are living in the closed compound. That means that the estimated time to finish the project is not changed. We thank God for His grace.

The new church group is meeting as a home group in their area. During the current time they will study each paragraph in the church doctrinal statement, to make sure (By God’s grace) that the core is strongly united in all spiritual aspects.

We know that the Covid19 affected all of you as well in one way or another. We just ask those who are able to prayerfully consider partnering with us in this effort of paying the rest of the sum to purchase the place for the new church plant.

Our church is whole heartedly giving faithfully and sacrificially. However, it is a God-size project for us, and we do need the "hands" of the brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in this project.

Update on my Doctorate of Ministry studies.

By God’s grace it is done. The oral defense took place on April 17th and it was well, thank to God. I am humbled by the grace and care I experienced through these years of study. I thank God for my family, the church, The Master’s Seminary teachers and leaders. I thank you all those who prayed for me. Your prayers were answered. I pray that all I gained will be used to better serve God’s children for God’s glory.

I will end with a wonderful and powerful verse from Isaiah 41:10:

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Amen!

With much love and gratitude, (Isaiah 41:10)

Meno and Anat Kalisher

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