Meno and Anat Kalisher

June 2, 2017


Dear Friends, Shalom.


The last two weeks were full of events that may sound like science fiction or wishful thinking… All the events may be summed up with the title “Only God can do it!”


So, the first event took place at a Christian center in Karlsruhe, Germany. A godly German mutual friend has been working for a few years on a unity paper between believing Jews and Arabs, and invited 13 of us (mainly pastors) to sit three days in one room, in order to achieve more unity amongst us – for the glory of Christ. This setting with no microphones, no cameras, and no guests gave us an environment where all the participants could share their heartfelt ideas and emotions. There are deep theological differences, mainly replacement theology. Though we did not agree on every point, we did agree that we must work hard on improving the unity amongst us and amongst our churches, including our children’s and youth activities. After three days, we learned more about each other. We learned to love and appreciate one another more than before. I can say that the word of God has power! Sovereign power.

We each know very well that long-standing peace, love and even unity between us can be achieved only when it is based on the truth of the word of God. So, as for now, we have written a paper with 20 points where we listed the changes we all commit to make in our lives and ministry, so the name of Christ and the testimony of the gospel will advance.  The first act will be amongst our youth groups. We plan to bring both groups to worship and study the Word together. Please pray for us.


On Sunday May 21st, my wife flew to Germany and met me at the Christian center. She (who also has German citizenship) drove me to the north of Germany (Bible Center Breckerfeld), where I was scheduled to teach in a Bible school and be one of the lecturers in a prophecy conference. Anat then left for Amsterdam, Holland, to meet with our daughter Michal who is serving the Lord there.


On May 29th I was back in Israel, just to be ready for a unique event at our church the next day.

On Tuesday evening, May 30th, we hosted a few former Shiite Muslim Iranians who are now faithful born again believers in Jesus. One of them was a former Mujahidin, trained to be a suicide bomber… and now loves Jews and Israel much more than many Israelis do. We sang together, prayed, heard their testimonies and gave God all the glory. Later we enjoyed a delicious feast dinner.


On June 1st in the evening, the same group shared their testimony at a municipality culture center downtown. About 40 Iranian Jews came and heard the gospel. All were shocked to hear what God has done in the lives of these ex-Shiite Muslims, who are now believers in Jesus. We are praying and desire that many former Muslims who are now born again believers in Jesus will visit Israel and the churches in order to share what God has done in their lives, and to study about God's plan in Israel. The seed was planted. God will do the rest.


More in this report:

  • Our daughter Michal is serving the Lord in Amsterdam, Holland
  • Helping the needy
  • Coming teaching travels: June and July

Our daughter Michal is serving the Lord in Amsterdam, Holland

Michal serves in a youth hostel (Amsterdam, Holland) where she and others like her are able to share the gospel with non-believers. Israelis who regularly attend this hostel can speak and study about Jesus in Hebrew with Israeli volunteers like Michal. However, since each of the volunteers must also be fluent in English, they have many opportunities to share the gospel daily. Michal said that this service is meaningful to her spiritual growth.


As mentioned above, my wife drove to Amsterdam to meet with Michal but also to drive her to Germany to see me as well, and then back to Amsterdam. From there Anat returned to Israel. We had a wonderful 24 hours together. Anat kept her title “Taxi mommy,” which is suitable to many mothers, but she gave it a global taste.


By God's grace, Michal will return to Israel at the end of June. She was asked to help with Netsor. This is a 10 day Christian camp, specifically tailored for 18 year olds who are on the way to military service. Immediately after that, Michal will help with our church summer camps. Please pray for her and the rest of the team.


Helping the needy

As reported many times before, there is much satisfaction in helping those in need.

There are about 20 families in our church who are on the “help list.” Each family fills out a form of basic needed products. We purchase the products in bulk and make them ready for the families to take home after the main service on Saturday. In this way, we give what the families indeed need.


As July and August are approaching, we are preparing ourselves for the summer camps. All the church kids can register and everything is paid by the church. Parents donate in the offering box according to their ability and faith. Please continue to pray for us.


Coming teaching travels: June and July

In June, my wife and I will attend the F.O.I. staff conference for a week.  In July (5-23), I will return God willing to Master's Seminary in CA for the second (of four) study modules of the D. Min. program. By now, I have received the reading assignments and homework. I am learning a lot and feel that I now can better serve the church. I thank God for these studies. Needless to say, I need your prayers for the study and writing homework. I truly need your prayers.



  1. Jael and Irit are planning to produce a new hymns CD. It contains 15 old hymns that we, the older believers, know. The project is to introduce the best old Christian hymns into the hearts of the young generation and with it put them back into the church. Please prayerfully consider collaborating in this project.


  1. During the last four months, a new project started: youth are gathering once a month for an evening of praise and worship (with youth leaders and other mature believers). They are learning to be part of a worship team in their churches. Our youth group with their leaders attended the last event. It was simply a blessing. I thank our Lord for the new and young generation of believers. I pray that they will grow to become pillars in many churches.
  2. As "Yuval" grows, Jael and Irit are praying that God will provide an administrator for Yuval. Their gift is in music production, singing and teaching, but administration captures all their time. Please pray for wisdom and for the right person to fulfil the task. Please continue to pray for Yael and Irit.


With much love and gratitude (1 Pt. 4:7-11),


Meno and Anat Kalisher



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