Meno and Anat Kalisher

October 2016 report

Dear friends, Shalom. 

During our weekly prayer meeting we always have a few minutes of devotions. Last Wednesday a dear brother gave us a wonderful look at Mathew 5:17. Our Lord Jesus said that He came to fulfill the Law. What does it mean to complete, or fulfill, the law?

When our Lord was asked: "What is the greatest commandment?" He answered: Love your God, and the second is to love your neighbor as yourself. All the law is based upon these two commandments.  In Romans 13:10 Paul teaches us that love is the fulfillment of the law.

In John 19:30, our Lord Jesus said: "It is finished." What was finished? Our Lord fulfilled the will of His father and He showed His perfect love to us. Yes, our Lord Jesus fulfilled all the commandments concerning a Jewish male and He had no sin in His life. But when our Lord Jesus said “I came to fulfill,” we need to understand that the focal point is this: I did all that the father assigned me to do, and did it in love and obedience. I gave my life as atonement for sinners, and by doing so, all can see the love of God expressed (John 3:16). What a blessed reminder.

More in this report:

Teaching at Porto Alegre and Sao-Paulo in Brazil

Preparing a seminar on Church Development

A unique meeting with a new believer

Evangelism projects and Michal to New Zealand

Finally – renovating the long corridor – for babies!!!

Wonderful Shabbat at the church


Teaching at Porto-Alegre and Sao-Paulo, Brazil

During October 10-24th my wife and I were in Brazil. The purpose was teaching in two main conferences. By God's grace all the events went well and were blessed. It’s a great joy to hear people saying that the lesson helped them to better understand the word of God.

Another blessing at the conference in Sao-Paulo was the fact that our daughter Yael and her colleague Irit, who together run "Yuval," a Christian school for arts and music, were part of the praise team of the conference. We praise God for His grace and love for us. He fills our hearts with joy and power to keep walking in obedience.

A nice surprise was that the commentary on James was translated to Portuguese and was presented in the conference.

Preparing a course on Church Development

Last June I finished the second year of studies at ICB (Israel College of the Bible). The dean of the college asked me to prepare a course on Church Development: how to start home groups and churches in Israel. Frankly, that is exactly the issue we are currently dealing with ourselves at our church. By now most of the first draft of the paper is done. I need your prayers for wisdom.

Commentary on James

After a few delays, the commentary on James is in the printer's hands. God willing we will receive the first 2000 copies during this week.

Why do these projects always suffer delays? We are a local church, not a book publishing company! So every time the church’s ministry needs extra hands for whatever is needed, we stop all the non-critical work and make sure people are the first priority.

So, this week is the week!!! The English translation is done and Helmut is working on page layout for the English text. God willing, this part will finish soon as well.

The next book is: "The appointed times of the Lord." The draft is progressing. We hope that the book will be in our hands within a year.

A unique meeting with a new believer

As mentioned before, last July my wife and I visited Australia. During a seminar in a local church we met a religious Jew. He said that he and some others are seeking Christ. It’s a joy to hear that he is a believer in Jesus and knows Him as God and Savior. By now, he has been asked to not return to the synagogue. Let's pray that he will find a good spiritual home and grow into full spiritual maturity. I pray that his testimony will drive others to make this step for Christ Jesus.

Evangelism projects and Michal our daughter in New Zealand

We planned to launch an evangelism campaign in mid-October, but some of the video clip features did not finish on time. We are working on it and pray that all will be done well and beyond by Hanukah and Christmas. (That is, by the end of December.) We are sad that it was not finished on time, but we are assured that every delay is also by God's grace. He knows better. The bottom line is people’s salvation. By hearing the gospel – news of salvation – and receiving it in faith, salvation comes! We are blessed to be the tools who present the gospel.

Our daughter Michal is now in New Zealand. She is a part of a group of believers, Israeli young adults, who are volunteering in a unique hostel for Israeli backpackers. These young backpackers enjoy touring the world after their army service. They are very interested to ask all kinds of questions. In the hostel, they are welcome to ask all about Jesus and receive answers in Hebrew from young Israeli believers. Please pray for them.

Renovating the church long corridor – for babies

In the last report I mentioned that we are planning to renovate the corridor. By God's grace, we are blessed with a good number of babies this year (10). Besides the urgent need for more classes for kids, we are now in need of a "Nursing Corner." The only place available is at the end of our long corridor.

We got wonderful news from Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. Some churches and individuals donated a sum towards our renovations.

Stage 1: The new windows – A 40 meter-long set of windows will be installed during this week or next week. So, the work is on, for God's glory.  Stage 2 will be the ceiling and lights, furniture, and the nursery corner. Wow, it's exciting. Please continue to pray for us. We thank God for your love and care for us.

Wonderful Shabbat service and concert

Last Shabbat at the church was a very unique day. I admit that I am absolutely not objective. The morning service was a blessing. The lesson touched the hearts of people. In the evening, we had a Christian orchestra from the USA. 40 musicians gave us a wonderful evening of worship and pleasure. The gospel was introduced a few times. People invited non-believing friends. Some of the non-believers were Chinese university students who had never read the bible and asked me: What is Jericho??? Since they read English I gave them English bibles for free. Wow, to meet people who have never read the Bible and never heard Bible stories… I do not meet many of those.

My next phone call was to my brother who is the manager of the Hebrew Bible society in Israel: "Victor, I need Bibles in English." His answer was: how many? To make it short, he donated 100 beautiful English Bibles, study Bibles, reference Bibles and whatever he had on the shelves for us to take and give to others. I like such partnerships. J Please pray for the salvation of these Chinese students.

Many blessings,

Meno and Anat Kalisher – 2nd Corinthians 2:14-17.

When we obey the Lord and walk according to His will, we are walking with Him in the victory parade.



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