Jerusalem, March 26th 2020

Dear Friends, Shalom!

By now, every nation under the sun is living under the threat of the Corona virus pandemic. Friends shared with me that they feel like the Israelis in Egypt during the Passover night of the strike of the first born. We all remember that God is able to keep each and every one of His children during any circumstances. We are all kept in God’s faithful and sovereign hands.

During the spread of the Coronavirus in China, we prepared the church for the current situation in Israel. People bought food and were encouraged NOT to make any new economical venture that will jeopardize their immediate cashflow. We updated the phone list of all the church members and made a WhatsApp group for the whole church. Don’t worry, only the elders can write… in order to keep it focused. Each day, we write teachings and devotions and families can send short video clips for encouragement and prayer requests. It is the time where our neighborhoods small home groups can show their effectiveness.

The overall situation is very vague. Many companies have fired their workers or sent them on a non-paid leave. As for now, many of our church people are in such status.

Some families in our church have a bit of savings to sustain themselves for a month or so, others who are living ‘from the hand to the mouth’ are truly relying on God’s grace. The church is standing by their side to help provide their immediate needs by giving them cash or food cards. People are bringing food to the elderly and lonely. I thank God for His grace. I thank God for you all who for years support us and have been partners in ministry. In this time, we praise God for the ability to lift up the poor and the needy among us.

Though we are all ordered to stay at home, we are not quiet when it comes to evangelism. We pray to use all opportunities to share the confidence we have in Christ Jesus. What a joy and peace we have in our God and Savior. In such times we read and re-read Psalms 23; 91; 37:25-26 and of course Matt 7:24-25.

What should be our view on the Coronavirus pandemic?

In all the cases in the Bible where God poured His wrath on the world (the flood Genesis 6-9), or on a specific city (Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19), on Israel (722BC, 586BC and 70AD), and on the entire world during the seven years tribulation (Revelation 6-19) which is still to come, it was always due to the peoples neglecting God as sovereign and disregarding His Word. The current pandemic is just a clue to the coming of the final punishment. God is using the smallest item in creation (a virus) in order to bring down the pride of all nations. Enough is enough is God’s calling to all. We pray that all who have ears, will listen, repent and call on Christ Jesus.

We are safe in God’s saving hands. Even if God will decide to call us home through this virus, we know where we are going and it is well with our soul. Meanwhile we rejoice in the Lord and remember to pray for you as well.

With much love and gratitude, (Psalm Psalms 23 and 91)

Meno and Anat Kalisher

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