Jerusalem, February 15th 2019

Dear Friends, Shalom.

Three weeks ago, a Jewish orthodox older man step into our church office and said: “Tell me about Jesus.” As much as we often pray for such events, it always catches us overwhelmed. Helmut, one of our church elders who was available at the moment and of similar age of that person, spent an hour sharing the gospel of Jesus. At the end of the meeting, the person asked for a New Testament book and went his way. The rest of the day was not the same for us. We just kept praying for him.

One need to understand that it requires great courage for this man to walk into our church, during the day, dressed as a rabbi. We pray that there are many more “Nicodemite’s” like this man.

We are greatly encouraged to know that the seeds of the gospel through our tracks, websites and “open mouth” reaches the hearts of the lost in Israel and beyond.

Each week we have an event for each age group in our church, all together four events (Kids, Young-youth, Youth group and the Young adults). Each group enjoy a bible lesson, food and fellowship – games etc.

Our main purpose is the salvation of the people and equipping them to stand for their faith and minister even in young age.

Yesterday, a boy and a girl from the youth group, shared their faith in Jesus for 30 minutes, in front of their high school class. We are happy and humbled by the grace of God upon us. This generation is bolder than we were, forty years ago. To God be the glory.

Please pray for the kids, since now their faith will be publicly tested. 

More in this report:

  • The facility for the new church plant
  • Teaching in Hungary and Holland
  • 'Messiah in the Older Testament' at the ICB.
  • Almost ready for Baptism
  • Ongoing Evangelism: Blessed results: Use the link attached!
  • Yuval

The Facility for the New Church Plant

By God's grace, about two months ago we signed a purchase contract for a facility for the new church we plant. It is a hall (270 m2) and a balcony (220 m2) to fit the newborn congregation. The location is toward the west just outside Jerusalem. Until the place will be ready, we prayerfully continue to establish the core and better equip the new leadership for the coming responsibilities.

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (, helped and continue to help us with the purchase project. During the last two years, brothers and sisters in the U.S.A donated through F.O.I. about $700,000. This sum serves as the down payment for the contract.

The purchase price is about $1.3M. We still need $600,000 to pay (during the next two years). Besides the purchase sum, we will need about $400,000 to refurbish the place so it will serve as a local church (Rooms, chairs, offices, restrooms etc.).

Why not just rent?

From our past and current experience, any time we rent from non-believers, the owners were pressured by Anti-Christian groups to end the contract with us or else…

We need your help!

Our church is one minded and each person will continue to give faithfully and sacrificially. However, it is a God-size project for us, and we do need the "hands" of the brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.

Please prayerfully consider collaborating with us on this project.

God is good to us! We are currently enjoying a full house. Each Saturday morning, the Main Church Hall is full, and the overflow is directed to the Fellowship Hall. We are blessed to see people getting saved – Jews and Gentiles alike. We thank God that every week we can practically experience Romans 15:10-11 – "And again he saith, Rejoice, ye Gentiles, with his people. And again, Praise the Lord, all ye Gentiles; and laud him, all ye people."

We pray that the new-planted church will be a light in their area, and be used by God to bring the gospel to the lost.


Teaching in Hungary and Holland

          From the beginning of February, I spent a week in Word of Life Hungary Bible College teaching the book of Zechariah. It is a privilege to teach young adults who are motivated to study the Word of God and be a better equip tool for ministry.

As I finished to teach there, I flew to Amsterdam for the weekend to teach in two churches. In Amsterdam, again – Zechariah, and in northern Holland, a special lesson from Numbers 13-24. In all places God’s grace was overwhelming. I returned home safely (Got cold and spent a day in bad with antibiotics), but now on the feet again and healthy.

Teaching 'Messiah in the Older Testament' at the ICB.

During the last 3 months, I was teaching each week at the Israel College of the Bible in Netanya. The program is called BIKURIM (First Fruits), and it is for first year students. The students come from different churches and locations in Israel. Some of the Arabic speaking students struggle with the Hebrew, so we all pray for patience and grace. One of the students from the north part of Israel came to me and said: "I never thought that the Messiah is so clear in the Older Testament". While teaching, I can see the eyes of the students being open widely when they hear new teaching. Oh God, thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Almost ready for baptism

We are greatly encouraged to see our kids from our young youth and youth group desiring to be baptized. A few are now in the preparation meetings and we hope that soon, these few will stand in front of the church to publicly share their testimony, and obedy in baptism.

Ongoing Evangelism.

Media evangelism:

Our media team (who are also children and youth ministers and many more things J) produced five video clips about the Messiah, titled: Why do we need a Messiah? The link to watch (with English subtitles)

Please enjoy watching and encourage others to watch and use it for evangelism. (My favorite video clip is the one on Isaiah 53).

Yes, it is just a website, but about 200,000 people a year surf, and extract our bible lessons from it.

Recently, a man who has been learning through our website for the past years, came to our church and spoke with me for three hours. In the end, he said, that he can now decide to follow Jesus. We prayed together and asked God's grace upon him, so he will be able to share with his wife all he has studied in the past years. Since he lives in the north of Israel, I connected him with a good local church in his area.

Tracts outreach:

Each week, a team from our church walk through the neighborhoods and place gospel tracts in mailboxes (It is legal in Israel). We pray for the salvation of our people.



Yael (our oldest daughter), Irit Iffert and Sasha Atlas are the managing team for “Yuval Christian School for Music and Arts”. Our church is heavily involved with "Yuval". Kids from all evangelical churches in Jerusalem are registered for the music and art classes at “Yuval”. Many of the kids have both parents working, so their houses are still empty during the after-school hours. So, instead of these kids getting involved with bad company, YUVAL offers them music and art classes. All the teachers are believers. The kids can hang out in the school area, and are kept from problems. Some just step into the offices and share their hearts with the staff. So, the teachers’ role is more than just teaching music and arts…

In comparison to other schools, the classes are cheaper, but still many of the families cannot afford to pay. That’s where we get in and try to help.

You can visit YUVAL website

Please continue to pray for Yael and Irit. Their support is totally

depended on donations.

With much love and gratitude, (Philemon: Be useful)

Meno and Anat Kalisher

Supported through Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. 

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