Jerusalem April 3rd 2018


Dear Friends, Shalom.


The Jerusalem municipality is doing its best to create special cultural and social events throughout the year. Due to a big flux of younger generation away from Jerusalem (because of increasing religious influence), the mayor of Jerusalem is under much pressure to increase the entertainment activities in Jerusalem. One of the projects is called: “Sheon Khoref” (Winter Noise, but is a word play on “Winter Time”).

 What is it all about?

During the month of February, once a week,  A specific area in the city (industrial area sections, down town plaza, etc.) is chosen for theatre shows, special performances, food courts (in the parking area), handwork workshops etc. All the businesses, offices etc. are kindly requested to stay open until midnight and allow people to enter and see. Some of the locations, like our building, has the cinema school and the theater school, each occupies an entire floor. We were offered to have special drama shows in our church hall and other social activities. Due to the very worldly style of the activities, we cannot allow it inside our church, but…

On the first evening of the event, we had our church open until midnight. We put posters to direct people to see our church and to ask questions and have tea, Coffee and cookies free of charge.

Some of us stayed in the church ready to speak with those who will come to see the church and to ask about our faith in Jesus. We all were humbled and amazed by the number of people who walked up to the fifth floor to see and ask.

We offered a full tour in our church. It gave us an opportunity to explain our Christian life and worship. All could see our billboard with all the activities and prayer requests, our books and Christian literature (free to take) and the pictures of our church members who are currently in military service. Young adults and older people were asking about the messiahship of Jesus, the authority of the Bible and generally about our style of life.

The gospel was presented clearly and boldly. In some moments, all of us (6 people) were busy speaking to different groups or individuals about our Lord and the need for salvation.

One of the groups were four young adults from Brazil. These young Jewish people came to Israel for a year to study Hebrew and hopefully to stay here. It was the first time for them to hear the gospel. Since I teach in Brazil once a year, we had a common ground to discuss.

So, though we were not a formal part of the municipality activities, some of the people did visit our church, and heard a the message of eternal life. We thank God for "open minds" and easy-going mentality, to use such opportunities for His kingdom, and for His glory.


More in this report:

-         Evangelistic outreach – The new Video clip

-    Passover youth Camp, wedding and special service

-    Helping the needy

-         Teachings and studying travels (Manchester)

-     Preparations to start a new church

-         YUVAL


More evangelism: The new video clip

By God's grace, the 5th video clip (out of 6 planned) was aired 3 days ago. Its 3 minutes of pure gospel teachings, in rich attractive graphics. This item focuses on the atoning death of Christ Jesus. 190000 people have already watched that video. We pray to reach all hearts with the gospel. We use an advertising service to run the video clips and pay each time a person watches more than 30 seconds of the video.

Church evangelism does not stop in internet activities, but continues with gospel tracts and personal meetings. Please continue to pray for us.

Passover youth Camp, Wedding and service in the church

During the Passover vacation, we had a Senior Youth (grades 8-12) camp in the Jordan park, next to the sea of Galilee. The topic was: Worship.

We were 40 people. The kids enjoyed trips in local creeks, good food and healthy Christian fellowship that included 3 lessons a day. The kids behaved so well that many who watched them were interested to know who we are… Their good walk with God gave us the opportunity to share the gospel with others.

During the last evening, some of the teens shared their testimonies. They opened their hearts and asked for prayers to stand firm in current difficulties. We were all humbled as we witnessed God's grace upon us. We know that each such event, is a great motivation for those who doubt.


The day after we returned from the camp, a couple of our young adults had their wedding ceremony in our church. Besides the joy, was the opportunity to share the gospel news through the sermon. A good number of non-believers heard the gospel!


The next day we had the Passover Seder. Since it was on a Friday night, we had the Seder at home with the family. The Shabbat service was different, we started at 12:00 and following the lesson, we had a beautiful and tasty potluck.


All the church activities are free, in order to allow all the kids to join in. Parents are giving according to their ability. We are able to provide all the activities due to your ongoing support. We thank God for you.


Helping the needy

I assume that many churches are doing the same. We too have a list of families in the church who are struggling economically. One of the ways to help is to pay the heating bills during our short winter and to give out food voucher cards. Almost each Shabbat, a few families (who are in the list of those who need assistant), are given food voucher cards. Each needy family has their specific needs. We try to fit the help to the specific need, to make sure the need is met. It is very encouraging to see the same families go forward to put their tithings in the offering box. We pray that people will be able to see our faith at work as well – in loving them.



Teaching and study travels

On March 8th-12th, I was participating in a teaching conference in Manchester, England. More than 100 people came to fellowship in studying the word of God.

The next outside of Israel travel will be in June – Friends of Israel conference on Jerusalem.

Besides, are the ongoing homework and written assignments for the D. Min. program.

Each week on Thursday I teach the book of 2nd Corinthians at the ICB (Israel college of the Bible) and, starting next month, also Church Development on Tuesdays.

I do need your prayers; for wisdom and time management, for health, safety and a mind focused on our Lord.


Preparations to start a new church

As shared before, we are currently enjoying a full house each Saturday morning at the main church service, as well as experiencing an overflow in our Fellowship Hall.  We are praying for wisdom to build a core group to start a church in a place where God will lead us. By now, after a number of meetings, we have better ideas and a new mode of operation.

By God's grace, the new church may start its meetings independently during 2018.

One of the requirements, in order to send others, is the need for new people to take on new responsibilities. I praise God for some young men in our church who are stepping up to start teaching in the main weekly bible study and the main service on Saturday. It is so sweet to see the fruit of the many years of investment. God is so good. God is the King.




The YUVAL team is not resting on past glory. After the blessed praise event on the last Day of Atonement, and besides the ongoing after school activities for children, YUVAL prepares a handful of events for different age groups. Almost each month they have a special worship evening for different age groups. The last Yom Kippur event (Day of Atonement event) was recorded and is now available on the internet.

Please continue to pray for Yael and Irit. Both are supported solely through donations.


With much love and gratitude, (Isaiah 52:13-15)

Meno and Anat Kalisher

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