Our Ministry

Main Service

Saturday Morning at 10:30
(Hebrew & English)

Bible Study

Tuesday night at 19:00
(Hebrew & English)

Home Groups

Meetings around the city in different
neighborhoods during the week

we invest in our...

Children & Youth

Our children are the church of tomorrow and it is our desire to see them grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In order to do it we have we have weekly meetings for different ages , Sabbath school and few camps during the year.

we also have...

Young Adults

Our young adults group includes local members and international students\volunteers who meet together on a weekly basis for fellowship, teaching from the Word of God and prayer. We also have one camp a year where we spend quality time together.

OUr main focus is... Evangelsim

Gospel Tracts

In an effort to reach out to the city, we send out a team each week to various neighborhoods in Jerusalem to distribute literature with the gospel message that we have produced. It also provides non-Hebrew speakers an opportunity to participate in evangelism in Israel.

Hebrew Website

Our “yeshua.co.il” website that offers Hebrew speakers an opportunity to study the Bible, both the Old and New Testament.We offer free audio, video and text lessons, which can be downloaded on our site. You can also find there some Hebrew Messianic music by Israeli artists.

One on One

We believe that the best form of evangelism is when a believer shares his faith with his fellow workers, neighbors, friends and family members. Therefore, we aim to strengthen our members’ personal faith, encourage them to live according to it and be able to teach from the Scriptures.

We also have... Media Ministry

We are strongly investing in media because it is the most effective means of sharing the Gospel in our electronic generation. We are always looking to improve our websites and sharpen our message presentation. We focus on biblical truths when we build our websites dedicated to teaching Jewish people about the New Testament and Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of Israel.

Why do we need a Messiah?

How to identify the Messiah?

The seed of the woman

The birth of the Messiah

The death of the Messiah

The Resurrection

they asked us to..

"Remember the Poor"

(galatians 2:10)

As members of the body of Messiah, we feel compelled to help those who are in need. We try to help people who are part the body and non believers as well.          Our main area of aid is to: