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"Jesus in the Hebrew Scripture"

Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures? Isn’t that what Christians commonly call the “Old Testament”? and wasn’t Jesus supposed to be in the New Testament only? Not quite. He is of course featured in the prophecies which foretell His first and second coming, and this book has a detailed look at some of them. But did you know that, throughout the narrative if the Hebrew Scriptures, Jesus was also there in person? Did you know that He was seen not just by some of the well-known heroes of faith, but that He met and conversed also with some of the less prominent figures? Let us turn to the Hebrew Scriptures, and see what they teach about Jesus. Some of the topics are: God- absolute or composite unity?  “El Shaddai” – when men saw God face to face. The Angel of the Covenant – preparations for the coming of the Messiah.  Immanuel – the prophecy about the virgin birth of the Messiah. The Messiah – King to come according to the Hebrew Scriptures, something for us to look forward to. “The Messiah cut off” – Did you know that Daniel foretold the precise time of the first coming of the Messiah to earth? The Servant of the Lord – the suffering Messiah.

Come and see what will take place in the


This booklet deals with questions about the future that come as a result of studying the Bible. We frequently ask questions such as: What more is coming? When will there finally be peace, if at all? Will there be a rapture and when? When will the Antichrist come? 

The Bible has the answers to these and many other questions. This study booklet lists the future events in chronological order.

Along with a brief description of each event, the reader is referred to relevant support from Scripture. The end will be good – but only for those who call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Epistle to the Galatians...

"Freedom In Christ"

Believers in Jesus over the world keep asking the same questions: Are we obliged to keep the Old Testament commandments – What the Bible calls “The Law”? If so, does that include all the commandments or just some of them? What about religious traditions – should we keep them, or shouldn’t we, or is that something we shouldn’t worry about? Do the Old Testament commandments as well as the traditions oblige only Jewish believers in Jesus, i.e. Messianic Jews, while Gentile believers can do as they please?  Did you think that these are questions only modern day Christians have? Actually, already the Galatians struggled with them less than two decades after the birth of the Christian church. This is why the apostle Paul had to provide answers, solutions and clear guidelines defining…  The identity of the believer in Jesus, regardless whether he comes from a Jewish or Gentile background. The Christian’s relationship to the commandments of the Law and to human religious traditions.

what are the Gifts of the Holy spirit?


These gifts cannot be bought with money, nor do they come with gift wrappers and shiny ribbons – The gifts of the Holy Spirit are gifts of a different kind This book will give you clear, Biblical guidance in recognizing which are gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are not and what is the purpose of these gifts. It also gives answers to questions like:  How do we get the gifts? What is the baptism with the Holy Spirit? Who gets baptized with the Spirit and who with fire?  Are there apostles and prophets today?  How can I distinguish between the real thing and the counterfeit when it comes to the Gifts of the Spirit?

applying the epistle of...


James knew that sooner or later we would all face trials. So he gives us advice as to how we should handle them. He also knew that we can get used to hearing sermons, but never do anything about what we hear. He therefore emphatically says: ” Be DOERS of the Word!” These are just some of the major points of James’ immensely practical teaching. Here is Biblical guidance and help in some of the areas where we need them the most. This book has grown out of a series of sermons given at “Jerusalem Assembly – House of Redemption”, by Meno Kalisher.

Through-out it you will find conclusions and summaries that do what should be the aim of any Bible study: Apply the truths of God’s Word to daily life.