Terms of use & Privacy

Terms of use of the website and for giving and / or changing and / or canceling a donation

  • This website is operated by the “Know and Live” Association No. 580299758 (hereinafter: “the association”). The site presents educational material on the issues of the Messianic faith of the Jerusalem Assembly House of redemption Church that operates under the association and allows donations for the association’s activities. Any use of the website by the surfer, including giving donations, constitutes the user’s consent to act in accordance with this document of Terms of Use and its regulations.
  • The association allows site surfers to donate money for the benefit of the association’s and church’s activities using this website, in an easy, convenient and fast way by using a credit card, by automatically being redirected to a page designated for that purpose.
  • When giving a donation using a credit card, the card will be checked with the clearing company, after which the donor will receive an immediate answer regarding the approval or rejection of the transaction. The payment process is secured by the strict standards required by the clearing companies in Israel. Upon confirmation of the transaction, an email will be sent to the donor with a receipt for the donation they have made.
  • Policy of cancellation/change of a donation: Any donor who has made a donation on the website will be entitled to contact the association with a request to change the amount and/or cancel the transaction. It is important to note that according to the Consumer Protection Act 1981, any transaction made on the site can be canceled by email or by phone within 14 days from the time it was made. If the donor is interested in changing/cancelling the donation amount – the association will change/cancel the donation amount according to the donor’s request. The association will make the required change/cancellation in accordance with the policy in force at the clearing company at that time.
  • If a transaction has not been approved by the clearing company, the donor will be notified of the non-execution of the transaction.
  • Please enter your personal details fully and accurately, filling out false details in the donation form or giving false details maliciously constitutes a criminal offense. A donor or surfer who commits this offense is subject to legal, criminal and civil proceedings.
  • The association will not bear any responsibility for illegal activities carried out by surfers on the site or for any other factor that is not under its sole control. The interpretation of these terms and the enforcement of the terms or any action and/or conflict arising therefrom, shall be made in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. Any dispute or question in connection with these terms of use shall be decided by the competent court in the Jerusalem District only.

Privacy Policy and Information Security:

  • The association recognizes its duty to maintain the privacy of surfers and donors on the site. We guarantee that the association will not pass on the donors’ details to any third party, other than the clearing company, for the purpose of performing the donation operation only. Some or all of the donor’s information that will be mentioned on the receipt that the donor will receive will be, by law, passed on to the required authorities in Israel including the CPA, the tax authorities, and in some cases, the Israeli Association Registrar and the representatives of the association bank account.
  • When using the website, the association reserves the right to collect information about your practices in relation to the use of the website, including information you have read and / or consumed through the website and the Internet address (IP address) data through which you access the website and more. The association reserves the right to use this information for its own purposes only, including its segmentation into statistics in order to optimize the use and experience of the user on the site.
  • The association’s website uses “cookies” for the purpose of its day-to-day function and security of its information and for the purpose of improving its user experience, by adjusting it to the preferences of the surfers. The “cookies” are in fact text files produced by the browser through which the site is used and they contain information about the browsing data of each user on the site. It is also possible that the site will use “cookies” that originate from third parties such as Google and Facebook. It is important to know that the “cookies” can be disabled by changing settings in the browser that is being used in order to visit the website. However, it is important to remember that disabling this option may impair the browsing experience on the site and cause certain services on the site to be unavailable or inactive (on our site and / or on other sites).
  • We hold great importance to the protection of the information of the site’s visitors and do our best to maintain it. At the same time, we cannot absolutely guarantee that the information will be completely immune from any hacking and/or unauthorized use and therefore we cannot guarantee this. Therefore, when using the site, the surfer confirms that he understands this and agrees to it.
  • Notwithstanding the provisions of the section above, the association will pass on to third parties the personal information you have provided and the details collected about your activity on the site, only in the following cases.
  • If you violate the provisions of the terms of use of the site, or if you perform through the site, or in connection with it, actions that are perceived by the association as illegal or an attempt to perform such actions;
  • If the association receives a court order, or a request from a competent authority to do so, instructing us to provide your details or information about you to a third party;
  • In the event of a dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the association and/or anyone on its behalf;
  • If the association organizes its activity or the activity of the site in another framework and in case the association changes its legal structure, including in case the site activity and/or any part of it passes to a third party – the association will be entitled to transfer to the new body a copy of the information stored about you, on the condition that the above mentioned body will assume the provisions of this policy towards you;
  • According to your express request.


If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you are requested not to use the association’s website.

  • I certify that my age is at least 18 years, that I have read the Terms and Conditions in full and I agree to abide by them, in accordance with the site’s policy and the privacy policy specified therein.
  • Everything stated in these regulations in the masculine language also applies to the feminine and vice versa, and everything stated in the singular language also applies to the plural and vice versa.